A few added reflections on the Google/Siva thing.

Having returned home, I have finally had a chance to read the lengthy and insightful comments of Carlos Ovalle on my post about Siva, and I have to say, I agree with most everything he’s said.

Admittedly, when I initially wrote that post, I was in no way thinking of the possibility that anyone other than the two friends of mine who had the URL (and possibly a few Filipinos) would read it. Then Siva posted it to his blog, and about 150 people read it in two days. An interesting experience, I have to say. One would think that a student at a so-called “i-school” would act with more foresight about the possibilities of one’s words being heard on the Internet. Ah well.

I still stand by what I said, though I do in some ways regret the vituperative tone, and Mr. Ovalle’s points are well taken. And to clarify, though I do believe in the Google partnership, and generally feel that it is a wonderful project, I do have my own reservations; perhaps I will write more about those later.


2 thoughts on “A few added reflections on the Google/Siva thing.

  1. Sorry for the confusion on my name- it’s Carlos Ovalle. “cjovalle” is the first email address I had, and one of my current ones, so I usually use that nick for everything.

    Yeah, I know what that’s like- I was astonished when some things I posted ended up more in the public eye than I expected, and I ended up having to clarify a few things. ^_^;

    Anyway, I’m very glad to see the perspective of other people in “i schools” around the country. I always find the different views very interesting!

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