More Geeky Fun

How did I ever live without BoingBoing to provide me with giggles and warm-fuzzies to get me through the day? First it’s Cory Doctorow sending fruit baskets to Google, then crazy-ass judges making highly entertaining use of Billy Madison…and now, it’s Isolatr.

Perhaps it’s just because I go to a school where “Social Computing” is a serious subject area; where I was actually assigned to write a paper analyzing the social implications of Flickr for a foundations course; where terms like “tagging,” “public goods,” and “e-communities” pepper both the course catalog and interpersonal discussions…but I find the idea of Isolatr unbearably hilarious — not to mention IMolatr, which offers to set people on fire if they IM you:

“Hi there, did you understand what was going on in 502 today?”
Up in flames…

Hee hee hee…


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