Googled Out

The longer I live through this week, the more satisfied I am with my decision not to apply to Google for an internship this summer. Having worked at least 8 hours per week on Book Search all semester, and now in particular, as I spend all my waking hours assembling the research for my term paper on the same topic, I’m getting to that point where just seeing that cute little primary-colored logo makes me crave chocolate and primal screaming.

That said, it’s been pretty interesting going back over all the stuff I’ve read about the project in the last several months: the journal articles, the blog threads, the editorials on both sides… It’s such a lovely sticky issue, albeit with a huge proportion of misinformation thrown into the mix. I wonder how this paper will turn out…

In other news, I’ll be in the big city this summer. Maybe bigger than my personal tastes would generally lead me towards, in fact. I’m kind of a Chicago kind of girl, myself. Maybe San Francisco. New York kind of freaks me out. Still, I’m sure I’ll have fun. It’ll be nice to be back in a whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want-it environment.

Besides, my internship looks rad. I’ll be working at the Social Science Research Council, on this project, which, to me, looks fabulously cool — right in line with all the stuff I’m interested in. Plus, I get to go around saying I’ll be “mapping actor networks.” Ah, how I shall enjoy the blank stares of my relatives…

Now, if I can just get through all this Googliciousness…


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