The Cool and the Creepy

I just read the Fair Use comic book, Bound by Law? put out by the Duke Center for the Study of the Public Domain (research for my job; maybe it has some perks after all), and it’s really excellent. It’s a great primer on why and how the whole IP rights system is basically f’ed. It’s also available in a number of free electronic formats, so you should read it too, if you haven’t yet.

However, I have to admit, I find the lower left frame of this page a little creepy. I mean, I’m as big a Lessig fan as anyone, but seriously, the Statue of Liberty?


One thought on “The Cool and the Creepy

  1. Oh my god, I totally had the opposite reaction – I loved Larry Lessig as Lady Liberty. It’s like a remix crossed with a gender bend, and I thought it was hilarious. Also hilarious: that we both managed to stumble across this book at the same time. I found it while familiarizing myself with the law library catalog as part of MY internship. Love that synchronicity. – Molly

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