I’d buy that.

Apparently, Yahoo’s thinking about offering non-DRM mp3’s through its music service. That would rule. And they’d more than likely have me as a customer.

Right now, I would love to be buying all my music online — I tend never look at a jewel case again after I rip the CD inside — but I just can’t bring myself to buy crap with DRM on it. I like being able to burn MP3 CDs to play in my car (whose player can’t read AAC). I like keeping my music for as long as I still like listening to it, rather than renting it from some online service provider and having it disappear when I unsubscribe. And I like the idea that I could wake up one day and decide that I’m going to trade in my iPod for some newfangled, non-Apple MP3 player, and I wouldn’t have to convert or lose all my music.

I wouldn’t share my DRM-free MP3s over P2P services, just as I don’t share the 5000 or so DRM-free MP3s I already have (which were mostly ripped from my 350+ legally purchased CD’s). I just want to be able to use my music however I damn well please. (And getting rid of jewel-case clutter would be a major bonus.)

So if Yahoo does go DRM-free, I’d totally buy that. Here’s hoping…


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