From the Official Google Blog:

When you search on Google, we collect information about your search, such as the query itself, IP addresses and cookie details. Previously, we kept this data for as long as it was useful. Today we’re pleased to report a change in our privacy policy: Unless we’re legally required to retain log data for longer, we will anonymize our server logs after a limited period of time. When we implement this policy change in the coming months, we will continue to keep server log data (so that we can improve Google’s services and protect them from security and other abuses)—but will make this data much more anonymous, so that it can no longer be identified with individual users, after 18-24 months.

Just a few comments.

One: bra-VO. This is undoubtedly a step in the right direction on something I and many others have been worried about for some time now. Which leads me to…

Two: it’s about time. Particularly after the AOL fiasco of recent history, it’s become pretty clear that this is something search companies need to concern themselves with.

So, good for Google. Now, about the transparency of their data retention policy for personlized search…


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