Here I go again…

Tomorrow is the first day of school.

In my life, I will have started at a new school seven times. It has consumed nineteen years of my life. That’s nearly 75%. And much of the remaining quarter was before age five. I’ve attended schools in five states, two countries, and four time zones. It’s bizarre, but starting school is starting to feel almost as routine to me as going through security at the airport…Except, y’know, more exciting and/or stressful.

Before even beginning, I know what three of my classes will be, since they’re required: two are basically “meet people and see what they do” seminars that shouldn’t require much actual work (but do require me to show up to class on Mondays and Fridays), and the third is Research Design, which should be a heinie-kicker.

The fourth class I get to choose, and though I am a little sad that it will mean missing out on “Knowledge Representation,” I’m think I’ll be taking a sexy Philosophy class called “Privacy Rights: Moral and Legal Foundations.” The first reading (for the first class session on Thursday) is Warren & Brandeis from 1890. Hot.

For now, as I contemplate how I am going to sleep tonight, I will leave you with a photo of Buster, my hamster, who provides my daily moment(s) of Zen. True, he’s not the dog I was hoping for, but he’s done surprisingly well at filling the void until I have the means care for a more demanding critter. (And anyway, he’s just so darn cute…)



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