ALISE 2013 – a few photos

Just returned from a lovely visit to Seattle for ALISE 2013, where I presented at the Jean Tague Sutcliffe Doctoral Poster competition. Definitely the toughest poster judging I’ve ever experienced: it ran from about 4:00 to 6:15 pm, and involved four 15-minute presentations of my poster to a total of six judges. And hey, I won a ribbon (for Honorable Mention)! Here is the poster itself: Jones-ALISE2013-Poster-Rev

Here is a photo of me with it at the conference (by Andrew Wertheimer):


And here is a photo of me accepting my plaque and awesome ribbon (also by Andrew Wertheimer):


Next stop, Fort Worth! I’ll be presenting a Note on some of my preliminary dissertation results at iConference 2013, 8:30-10 AM on Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate?


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